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Pre-History podcast is an archaeology podcast covering the archaeology of the ancient Near East (Middle East) from the beginning. This will be done in a narrative format, with episodes moving along through time to cover what we know about all periods of the prehistoric archaeology of this fascinating region. There will be a new episode every week on what has been discovered about people, societies and cities across the Near East as we move through time, including special discussions of new discoveries and interesting archaeological sites from each time.

As we move through time looking at the archaeological record of the ancient Near East, each podcast episode looks at a different chronological period, or a different aspect of the archaeology of that period. Thus far we have discussed what we currently know about the timing and process of human evolution and the spread of Homo erectus into the Near East and what we know about how they lived during the Lower Palaeolithic, as well as what we know about the lifestyles of Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans in the Near East during the Middle Palaeolithic, the move from Neanderthals to modern humans in the Upper Palaeolithic, changes to human movement and food preparation in the Epipalaeolithic and the domestication of plants and animals in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. We have now said goodbye to the world of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic in the ancient Near East, with a look at the ‘collapse’ of the PPNB, the the development of early pottery in the Near East and the changing landscape of societies in the post-PPNB.

For a look at some of the topics and locations which are discussed in current and previous podcast episodes, have a look at their associated posts:

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Episode 15: Cyprus

Now that we have had a look at the Pre-Pottery Neolithic in most of the Near East, we can have a look at the arrival of people on Cyprus and what we know about the Pre-Pottery Neolithic societies there. The earliest evidence that we currently have of people on Cyprus comes from the site ofContinue reading “Episode 15: Cyprus”

Episode 14: Networks and Inventions in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic

The Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the Near East is known for a lot of changes to daily life compared with the earlier Epipalaeolithic. We have already looked at some of these major changes to the way that people lived, with the change from gathering to growing your own food, and settling down to live in villagesContinue reading “Episode 14: Networks and Inventions in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic”


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