Episode 21: Cyprus and the Khirokitia Culture

After the end of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B in the Levant, Mesopotamia and Anatolia, we can see many changes to daily life happening across these regions. Pottery becomes a part of everyday life in villages across these regions of the Near East, although when it appears and when it becomes commonplace is not necessarily theContinue reading “Episode 21: Cyprus and the Khirokitia Culture”

Episode 19: The Many Faces of Late Neolithic Mesopotamia

We have looked thus far at the transition to the Pottery Neolithic over the seven millennium BCE in Anatolia and the Levant. This time I wanted to look at the third major central area of the Near East – Mesopotamia, or the land between the rivers. Mesopotamia is a big region, and includes not onlyContinue reading “Episode 19: The Many Faces of Late Neolithic Mesopotamia”

Episode 18: a Tale of Two Pottery Neolithic Levants

Anatolia, or rather the bulge of Asia Minor, is the westernmost part of the Near East. If we move south of Asia Minor we get the Levant, which is the region of the Near East along the Mediterranean coast. At the end of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB), around 7000 cal BCE, the Levant seesContinue reading “Episode 18: a Tale of Two Pottery Neolithic Levants”

Episode 17: Ceramic Neolithic Anatolia

Now that we have finished off the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, we can start to look at how the different regions of the Near East changed afterwards during the Pottery or Ceramic Neolithic. Today we can have a look at central and western Anatolia (mostly modern-day Turkey). Contrary to the idea of a ‘Pre-Pottery Neolithic Collapse’, AnatoliaContinue reading “Episode 17: Ceramic Neolithic Anatolia”

Episode 16: Collapsing the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B

The Pre-Pottery Neolithic B was a time of great interaction and innovation across the ancient Near East. This period began with hunter-gatherers living in villages for some or all of the year in many parts of the Near East, but still reliant on collecting their food around the landscape. By the time this period ends,Continue reading “Episode 16: Collapsing the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B”

Episode 14: Networks and Inventions in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic

The Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the Near East is known for a lot of changes to daily life compared with the earlier Epipalaeolithic. We have already looked at some of these major changes to the way that people lived, with the change from gathering to growing your own food, and settling down to live in villagesContinue reading “Episode 14: Networks and Inventions in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic”

Episode 13: It takes a village

The Pre-Pottery Neolithic in the Near East was a time of many firsts. In addition to changing the way that we lived and got our food, it was also the time when we got villages and village life. The first recognizable houses appear in the later part of the Epipalaeolithic. However, we don’t really thinkContinue reading “Episode 13: It takes a village”

Episode 12: Domestication on the Hoof in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic

After we had a look last week at how we went from gathering to farming plants, this week we are finishing off the change from getting our food in the wild to growing it at home by looking at the process of animal domestication in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic (PPN) of the Near East. As withContinue reading “Episode 12: Domestication on the Hoof in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic”

Episode 11: Bright Ideas? Experiments with Plant Domestication

Last week we looked at the second, Holocene half of the Epipalaeolithic. We saw that people in many parts of the Near East seem to have been settling down a bit more, and were building more permanent houses to live in. These houses also have evidence for storage, which may well have been happening inContinue reading “Episode 11: Bright Ideas? Experiments with Plant Domestication”